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Archive for the ‘VBA’ Category

Tools for the VBA Developer

Thomas Möller of Team-Moeller has very kindly given permission to publish this commented  list of VBA development tools.


Tool-Name: TM VBA-Inspector

Author: Thomas Möller


Purpose: Examine VBA-Code to find hidden faults and bad coding styles


Add. Info: For additional information refer to the help file and

this post on the Access Team Blog:


 Tool-Name: MZ-Tools 3.0 for VBA

Author: Carlos J. Quintero


Purpose: Great number of functions to make coding easier


Add. Info: You can attach a function to a shortcut

Options dialog / Shortcuts / Add "Search" to CTRL+F


Add. Info: You can easily rename a variable or a procedure:

  • Double click in variable name

  • Start Find-Dialog (CTRL + F) / Start search

  • Insert new name

  • Select each item and hit "Replace"

Tool-Name: VBE Tools v2.0

Author: Office Automation Ltd


Purpose: Bigger ‘Location’ label in References dialog


Add. Info: Start the options dialog. Check "Resize ‘Location Label’

on Tools / References dialog"


Tool-Name: Smart Indenter v3.5

Author: Office Automation Ltd


Purpose: Indent the whole code in a procedure, in a module or

in the whole project with one mouse click


Add. Info: Have a look at the options dialog. It shows directly

how the chosen options will indent your VBA-Code


 Tool-Name: TM VBA-ToDoFinder

Author: Thomas Möller


Purpose: Find ToDo’s in your VBA-Code


Add. Info: Tool and website is available only in German language

(But there is less UI – so check it out)


Add. Info: Put your ToDo’s as a comment to your VBA-Code

For example: ‘ToDo: Optimize this loop

Start ToDo-Finder and hit the Refresh-Button



 Tool-Name: Procbrowser

Author: Sascha Trowitzsch


Purpose: Browse through the procedures of a code-module


Add. Info: You find the button for download at the end of the website


Add. Info: Start the tool: Add-Ins / Procbrowser

Change the language: Context menu / "Sprache" / "Englisch"

John R. Durant’s WebLog : Why VBA Still Makes Sense

This article, John R. Durant’s WebLog : Why VBA Still Makes Sense , presents a solid case  for why VBA is the ‘next level’ when it comes to application development in Access and other members of the Office suite. John provides an excellent of VBA since its early days to the present and on into Office 2010 including his perspective on the ‘fit’ between .NET and VBA. John R. Durant’s WebLog : Why VBA Still Makes Sense is definitely a worthwhile read.