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Quick Reference Guides for Office

I recently came across a site that offers free reference guides for Office and each of the Office applications. The guides are packed with shortcuts and other quick reference information. They are available for download in pdf format from FREE Quick References

Customize Project: View and Report Your Way

Microsoft Project comes with a rich set of tables and report as comprehensive as these features are, individual users often have specialized viewing and reporting needs. Customization will go a long way towards meeting these needs:

    Problem   Solution
    • Project standard fields don’t provide for data specific to your company or project
      Custom user-defined fields
    • You want to see what data is stored in your custom fields or standard tables display too much information
      Custom tables
    • Standard views do not display all the information you want to see at one time
      Custom views
    • You want to focus on specific types of data in your project file
      Custom filters
    • Standard reports do not include all the information you need
      Custom reports
    • Standard imports and exports do not include all the information you need
      Custom maps

CustomizationProcess There is a certain amount of interdependency between the different types of custom objects. So, for example, if you wan to add custom data to a table, you will need to first create an appropriate custom field. Similarly, if you want to restrict the kind of data you export to another application, you may need to develop a custom filter, perhaps using one of the custom fields you have defined. Getting the customized results you want does require paying attention to a few details, the results will go a long way towards letting you have Project information your way! I have written a small OneNote notebook on various aspects of customization. If you have OneNote 2007 you can open the notebook in OneNote. The file also includes a pdf of the notes and a small demonstration Project 2003 project plan. If you have Winzip or another file de-compression utility, download Otherwise download the self-extracting file notes.exe