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Sharing Reports

We’d like to welcome guest blogger Nick Williams. Over the next few weeks, Nick will be publishing a series of Access-related tutorials. Nick is an Access tutor based in the U.K.

If a group of users do not have access to your Database Application, share data with them by exporting Reports. Select the file format you want to save in—Excel, PDF, HTML or other format.

This process can be performed on a regular basis, you are able to save the export steps and run them again easily. Additionally you are able to create an Outlook Task while saving the export steps, this will not only remind you when it’s time to export the report, but also a Run Export button will be added to the Task automatically, so you can run it from within Outlook.

Procedure: Setting up an Export Reportimage

1. Right click on the Report to be exported within the Navigation panel.

2. Select Export, and choose the format to be exported to.

3. Within the Publish dialog box, select the location and enter the filename to be used.

4. Point and click Publish.




5. You will now be prompted to save the Export Steps. Once the checkbox has been selected, enter a Save As name and Description.

If you would like to have a task prompt you when the export is due to run again, select the Create Outlook Task tick box. Click Save Export to continue.

6. If the Create Outlook Task has been selected, ensure the correct Date/Time and Reminder are set within the Task.

Procedure: Running a Saved Export

1. Select the External Data ribbon tab and choose Saved Exports.


2. Within the Manage Data Tasks dialog box, select the Saved Export and click Run.


Also, if you have a Task setup in Outlook, you are able to open the Task and click the Run Export button within the Task ribbon tab.

Click OK to confirm the running of the Export Report.image








This article was written by Nick Williams. Nick is one of the Access course tutors at Acuity Training, a hands-on IT training company with offices in central London & Guildford UK.