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Windows 7 to the Rescue

I’ve written previously about Windows 7 features that I like. rakebreakOne of the features was the start button search capability. Well, Search came through for me yesterday, in spades!

I needed to find a particular Word document that I wrote several years and several computers ago. Fortunately the file was one that I had migrated from computer to computer when I upgraded hardware. Yesterday morning, I was under a time-crunch to find the file. I needed the file and I needed it now before I headed off to my client’s site. The file was a set of supplemental exercises I had written for the course I would be training.





Quote of the Day

Silence is golden when you can’t think of a good answer.

-Mohammed Ali


I was pretty sure the file name included the word ‘supplementary’ and I knew that the word was included in a heading in the file itself. So I used ‘supplementary’ as my search term and, within a few seconds, search produced a list of results that matched the search term. With a click on the link, I had my file, and a smile on my face.

I’d like to claim that I invented Windows 7 like some of the characters in current Microsoft commercials do but I didn’t. Somehow, however, when I use Windows 7 features, it feels like the real Windows 7 designers had read my mind.

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