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Five Essential Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

Some keyboard shortcuts are designed to enhance your productivity in specific applications. Here are five that have long been my favourites in Excel.



Insert the current date. The inserted date will remain the same; it does not update when Excel recalculates formulas.


Insert the current time. The inserted time will remain the same; it does not update when Excel recalculates formulas.


Move the selection to the beginning of the worksheet. Cell A1 becomes the active cell. Note: if freeze panes is in effect, the shortcut behaves a little differently, making the top left cell of the lower right quadrant active. If Row 1 contains the header of a structured table, <ctrl>HOME will select cell A2 rather than A1.


Selects the cell at the lower right corner of the portion of the worksheet that has actual contents.


When entering formulas, make a cell reference absolute. Each time you press F4 when you are entering a formula the absolute reference changes from Absolute Cell or Range to Absolute Row/Relative Column to Absolute Column/Relative Row to Relative Cell or Range

Links for the technically inclined:

Announcing the Microsoft Cloud Roadshow

This is a free, two day technical training event for IT Professionals and Developers that provides best practices and insight from those who run cloud services across Office 365, Micros oft Azure, and Windows 10.

Developer Interview Series #1 –

The Power of Cross Platform Development with Universal Apps and Xamarin

In this interview series, we bring you best practices, anecdotes, and insights from developers who are building creative solutions using Microsoft technologies.

We’re on the road to self-driving business applications

A blog by Steve “Guggs” Guggenheimer on self-driving ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning software)

Memory Compression in Windows 10 RTM

The OS is doing some clever optimizations that allow your processes to trim some of the memory but not necessarily page it out to disk.

Managing hidden apps, beta apps and visibility of in-app purchases in Dev Center

The unified Dev Center introduced several new options to manage the visibility of apps and in-app purchase.

Developing for Windows 10

The recent advent of Windows 10 has brought with it a wealth of development resources and tools.

At the top of the list, of course, is Visual Studio 2015. Click Visual Studio Downloads to download any of the Visual Studio skus.

You can find all the information you need to develop Windows 10 apps by following these links:

Microsoft Virtual Academy offers online courses for Windows 10 and there is some great content on Channel 9. Microsoft Virtual Academy also offered a Windows 10 Jumpstart on August 14th. This event has ended but an on demand version should be available soon.

Happy developing!

Tools for the VBA Developer

Thomas Möller of Team-Moeller has very kindly given permission to publish this commented  list of VBA development tools.


Tool-Name: TM VBA-Inspector

Author: Thomas Möller


Purpose: Examine VBA-Code to find hidden faults and bad coding styles


Add. Info: For additional information refer to the help file and

this post on the Access Team Blog:


 Tool-Name: MZ-Tools 3.0 for VBA

Author: Carlos J. Quintero


Purpose: Great number of functions to make coding easier


Add. Info: You can attach a function to a shortcut

Options dialog / Shortcuts / Add "Search" to CTRL+F


Add. Info: You can easily rename a variable or a procedure:

  • Double click in variable name

  • Start Find-Dialog (CTRL + F) / Start search

  • Insert new name

  • Select each item and hit "Replace"

Tool-Name: VBE Tools v2.0

Author: Office Automation Ltd


Purpose: Bigger ‘Location’ label in References dialog


Add. Info: Start the options dialog. Check "Resize ‘Location Label’

on Tools / References dialog"


Tool-Name: Smart Indenter v3.5

Author: Office Automation Ltd


Purpose: Indent the whole code in a procedure, in a module or

in the whole project with one mouse click


Add. Info: Have a look at the options dialog. It shows directly

how the chosen options will indent your VBA-Code


 Tool-Name: TM VBA-ToDoFinder

Author: Thomas Möller


Purpose: Find ToDo’s in your VBA-Code


Add. Info: Tool and website is available only in German language

(But there is less UI – so check it out)


Add. Info: Put your ToDo’s as a comment to your VBA-Code

For example: ‘ToDo: Optimize this loop

Start ToDo-Finder and hit the Refresh-Button



 Tool-Name: Procbrowser

Author: Sascha Trowitzsch


Purpose: Browse through the procedures of a code-module


Add. Info: You find the button for download at the end of the website


Add. Info: Start the tool: Add-Ins / Procbrowser

Change the language: Context menu / "Sprache" / "Englisch"