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Access Now Included in Office 365 Roadmap

Exciting news for the Access community – for the first time Access now appears in the Office 365 Roadmap. See this UtterAccess news announcement. TheSmileyCoder, one of my UtterAccess colleagues has posted a review here. Use this link to go directly to Access features currently listed on the Roadmap.

Good News! Microsoft Release Free OneNote

Microsoft have announced the release of OneNote for Mac, Android, and Windows platforms.What is OneNote, you ask? Take a minute and view this video.

OneNote has become an essential personal assistant for my day to day work. I have used it to create several notebooks, each dedicated to one aspect of what I do on a daily basis.

For example for my Office Applications training practice, I have a notebook with one section group for each client. When I am in contact with a new training client, the first thing I do is create a new section group for that client. Within that section group, I will create a new section for each training engagement I discuss with the client. Section contents include emails, notes on phone meetings and any other information relevant to the training session.

On a volunteer basis, I desktop publish a weekly bulletin. I receive content for the bulletin from a number of sources. With a quick click of a button, I forward the content as I receive it to the current week section of that notebook. When it comes time to put the bulletin together, all I have to do is go to the current week section of my bulletin notebook.

Those are just a couple of examples of how OneNote helps me keep my one-man show afloat. OneNote, however, is not just a tool for individuals. Large organizations also benefit from this easy to learn and use tool. Pfizer, for example, estimates that OneNote improves its effectiveness by 15%.

Potential uses for OneNote may not be infinite but its usefulness is really limited only by your imagination. Once you start to use it, the possibilities the you will realize for your own OneNote use will grow exponentially.

So You Want to Expand Your Office Knowledge?

Here are some useful links that I have recently come across on the Web. The list is weighted in favour of Excel only because, at the moment, I am doing mostly Excel training.


Migrating from Excel 2003 to Excel 2010

A help guide to working with the Fluent User Interface (Ribbon) first introduced in Office 2007 and enhanced in Office 2010, replacing traditional menus and toolbars


Office Tips and Methods

A blog focusing on tips and how to techniques for getting the most out of Microsoft Office Applications


User peer support forum primarily focused on Microsoft Access but with an active Excel forum as well

Mr. Excel

Bill Jelen’s (Mr. Excel) site includes peer support forum and many pages of Excel help and tips from Mr. Excel himself

Excel is Fun!

YouTube gateway to the ExcelisFun channel –hundreds of well documented videos illustrating how to do just about anything in Excel.

Microsoft Answers


An excellent collection of Excel related links

Clever data validation example

Charting Examples

Color Palette and the 56 Excel ColorIndex Colors:

Create an Excel UserForm

Excel Add-ins Directory:

Analytics and Visualization

Excel for Developers


Excel VBA – Reference Guide

Free Spreadsheets!forum/microsoft.public.excel.programming


Index of /Excel:

The Spreadsheet Page:

Excel Add-ins Directory

Use Excel spin boxes to help with financial modeling:

VBA for Microsoft Office Excel 2007

Yahoo Groups MS_Excel

Yahoo Groups Excel VBA:training.